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3 Yoga Moves For A Strong Body

These are a few of my favorite yoga poses because they’ve been the most effective for me as far as building muscle. These poses require every muscle in your body to be fired up so be mindful that you are trying to engage your full body while doing these poses!

1. Chair Pose
I’ve always struggled engaging my lower back muscles until I learned this! Stand with your feet together, pressing them firmly into the ground. Reach your hands up, draw your shoulder blades down and your biceps away from your ears. Slowly begin to sit back like you’re going to sit into a chair. Look down and make sure you can still see your toes and keep your butt lower than your heart. Hold.


2. High to Low Plank Pose
This is like a push up but you keep your elbows hugged into your sides. Get into high plank position. Slowly move your body forward onto your tip toes leaning forward two inches. Now start to lower down into low plank by bending your elbows to a 90 degree angle. Hold. Advanced: push back up to high plank & repeat. 

3. Handstand Pose
Handstands are my absolute favorite workout! It seems simple but these are a super effective full-body workout and you can do them at home too! These are great for building your upper body but also require your legs, glutes, and core to be engaged. You can kick up to a wall to do these but I suggest planting your hands about 1 foot away from a wall, bringing your feet together and bending your knees to “hop” up. Try to get your hips over your head and use the wall for balance. You will gain core strength doing it this way first instead of just kicking up into it! Once you’re there really activate your legs, glutes and core and try to balance by pointing and flexing your toes!
*always make sure to warm up your wrists before doing handstand pose. 

I suggest setting a personal goal to hold each pose for ‘x’ amount of seconds (try starting with 15, 30, etc) and stay consistent to try to beat your goal each week! Consistency is key! A few seconds longer in each pose is great progress!



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