Fitish in 20 Minutes - Fitish

Fitish in 20 Minutes

Try this quick at-home workout!

1. Jump Rope

This is sneaky hard cardio. Try and jump nonstop counting to 200. Some people time themselves, but counting gives you something to focus on. Next 3 rounds, count to 100 each time.

2. Walkouts with Pushup x 6 reps

From a standing position, bend over to touch your toes and walk your hands out until you reach a plank position. Then do a pushup and make sure you keep your back straight and look forward not down. Then walk your hands backwards to meet your feet. This move will give you a great hamstring stretch and is really a full body movement. Do this 6 times.

3. Jab Cross Punch Combo x 60 seconds

Stand in boxing stance, lead food slightly forward and hips wide. Use 5 pound weights. If it's too heavy, just do it as long as you can. It's not effective to use 1 pound weights, so work your way up to the 5's! Turn with your hip and punch your arm straight out, then alternate as you bring one arm back and punch straight with the other arm. Think about ending right in front of your eyeline. This is a total arm workout. Go back and forth for a minute!

4. Overhead Sandbag Slams x 10 reps

The sandbag is such a great stress reliever! Stand with your feet hips width apart and raise the sandbag overhead. Slam in down in front of you right in front of your feet. Then squat down bending your knees and pick it up, standing up straight with it overhead again. Do 10 slammies!

-Repeat all 4 moves above 3 more times. Try to rest as little as possible. 45 seconds max if you must. This workout is about maximizing your time and effort. You will be really tired when it's over. But if you want to get fit in 20 minutes, this is how it goes!

Get all the equipment you need HERE.