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Why Fitish?

What is this place?

If you've found yourself here, oh hey! So much of me wishes I had started this years ago, but perhaps I just wasn't ready. I suppose I just wanted a place to share anything and everything I get asked on social media as well as the things I am passionate about. Usually pugs, denim, sneakers, snacks, good music and other women doing badass things. 

As for me, I get the impression a lot of people think that I work out a considerable amount more than I do. I love fitness, but I don't think our lives have to be all or nothing with anything. I reached such a great place of balance with work, life, health and love and I believe that the idea of rigidity with anything, especially a workout and diet schedule is just not necessary. First and foremost, I am about living in a way that makes you happy. Let's get in a few enjoyable workouts a week with the goal of feeling good. Let's eat clean-ish, let's be stylish but casual and let's be good to each other. 

I don't want Fitish to be about me all the time. I ultimately want it to be a community of real women who get candid about life, who are passionate about making the lives of those around us better and who are Fit-ish inside and out:) 

I hope you enjoy what is to come and if you want to be a part of the Fitish family sign up! I truly want YOU to tell me what you want to know about so email us at 


xoxo Jenna