3 Different Ways to Love Yourself

3 Different Ways to Love Yourself

Love Your Mind


Meditating is an excellent way to set your intentions for the day ahead of you in the mornings or wind down at night for a refreshing night's sleep. 


These are great to firmly declare positivity, and clear out negativity from your thought process. Here's some great ones to try out: 

"I am worthy of success and prosperity."

"The world is better with me in it."

"I am doing my best, and that is enough."


Bring a sense of balance to your mind by drinking a calming tea or taking CBD. Our tincture aims to give you an overall sense of symmetry to help with this.

Love Your Body


Did you know that research shows that aerobic exercise reduces fatigue and tension, improves concentration, sleep, and self-esteem? Bonus points if it's in nature, studies show that this can lower cortisol levels and blood pressure. Thirty minutes of moderate exercise a day is ideal, but even five minutes of activity can decrease anxiety and boost mood.


Say it with me, "I need and deserve to rest." While the movement is an excellent form of self-care on some days, others your body and mind may crave stillness. It is not lazy to let your body rest and recover; it is a necessity.


As you make it a priority by taking time to do things that nourish your mind, like a long bath, yoga, or reading, you should fill your body with the nourishment it deserves. Eating fresh, whole foods and cooking meals literally fuel you.

Love Your Skin


Take time each night to cleanse the day off of your skin. It's essential to get pollutants and old makeup out of your pores and let that skin breathe through the night.


The best, most stereotypical way to treat your skin? A FACE MASK. Use something that will care for and nourish your skin. Ours is a biodegradable sheet mask infused with CBD. Plus, the twenty minutes it is on your face is an excellent time for reflection and relaxation. 


Seal in all of your work with nurturing hydration. Dewing It hydrates your skin while creating a protective barrier. Your skin will thank you. 

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