Fitish Office Sneak Peak: Our Monochromatic Bathroom

Fitish Office Sneak Peak: Our Monochromatic Bathroom

With help from NFM, we have been able to redo our entire office completely. In doing this, we have embraced the magic of monochrome, especially in our all-green bathroom. Here are a few tips we learned from the fantastic team at NFM in creating our one-toned paradise.

Play with Texture
When trying to drench a room in floor-to-ceiling green, we knew we had to include a symphony of texture and finishes. Doing this keeps the room and color from falling flat, so your eyes always have something to look at. NFM helped us do this by laying two different shapes of glossy tilework on our floor and walls.

Don't Say No to Print
Sticking with one solid color may seem like the easiest and correct choice for committing to a color — however, it often presents more challenges. To add personality to our minimal color palette, we chose a canvas-textured, monochromatic foliage printed wallpaper to go on the upper half of the wall. It livens up the room and makes it that much more personalized.

Put Your Mirrors to Work
A mirror works exceptionally well with shades with blue tones to give off a glow. We even added an actual glow element around our mirror, making it an ideal selfie-taking paradise. When you throw in mirrored surfaces, all of the colors blend collectively in a captivating way.

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