Fitish x Teacher Wish Lists

Fitish x Teacher Wish Lists

Kesha Cruz LaLone

My name is Kesha LaLone, I teach 5th grade at a Title 1 school in Washington State. I love 5th grade and learn most of my “hip lingo” from them. 😂 This will be my third year teaching, and I am still working on building up my classroom games and manipulatives. I really focus on collaboration, and most of the items in this list will help me facilitate that. Anything and everything will be greatly appreciated!!! Amazon Wish List

Michelle Rumley
I teach a class called AVID for grades 6-8. This class supports students who are determined to reach their goals. In this class we learn real life soft skills and teamwork. As we learn about various school options we also learn about each other. ❤️ Amazon Wish List
Debbie McGowan
Hey y’all! My name is Debbie and I am beginning my 17th year as a high school dance teacher and drill team director! I absolutely love watching our students create, express, and perform, and teaching life lessons through the art of dance. We also know that in Texas, Friday Night Lights is where it’s at and there’s nothing like watching my drill team, the  Viewettes, shine at halftime followed by a win at Longview High School! Go Lobos! Amazon Wish List
Brandi Jean
My best friend is an 18 year teaching veteran. She has been at our tiny, rural school where we graduated, spending 16 years as the Art teacher before transitioning to the Library last year. She is amazing and pours her heart into that little community.
Amazon Wish List 
Mary Ruth Lynch
After 30+ years in TX Public schools teaching the littles, I “retired” and joined the middle school world. I love these crazy middles and my goal is to encourage reading for pleasure! Amazon Wish List

Karissa Mills

My name is Karissa Mills, and I am a teacher at Benbrook Elementary School. I am a proud graduate of Texas Tech University and this will be my 8th year teaching. I taught kindergarten for 6 years, and last year made the switch to 2nd grade. It has been so fun! This upcoming year, I get to teach 2nd and 3rd grade bridge class. I am blessed to get to teach at the same school I attended as a child. I am so proud to be a Benbrook Bulldog! Amazon Wish List

Angela Bowser

My name is Angela. I am in my 14th year of teaching. I am in my 2nd year as an ESL specialist in Royse City ISD. I have a passion for teaching multilingual learners. I have a goal to provide students with the tools to be successful learners. Any donation/purchases are greatly appreciated! Amazon Wish List

Sanlyn Paige Ferguson

My name is Sanlyn Ferguson. I am beginning my 6th year as a Special Education teacher at Paloma Creek Elementary School. Previously I have taught a K-2 self-contained class, but this year I will be starting a new journey as an Inclusion & Resource teacher. I’m looking forward to supporting K-5 students across the whole school! Amazon Wish List 

Samantha Miller

This is my 2nd year teaching PreK/Early Childhood Special Education and my 4th year overall. I love seeing how excited the kids are to learn and come to school everyday! I can’t wait for this next year to have more sensory activities and things to play with in the classroom! Thank you so much!!💗😊 Amazon Wish List

Elizabeth Davis

My name is Elizabeth Davis and I am going into my 5th year of teaching middle school! My first three years I taught health & this past year I taught Avid, which is a college readiness program. I currently teach at TA Howard middle school in Mansfield, Tx & will be going back to teaching health. I love educating scholars on not only physical health but mental health as well💗 Amazon Wish List 

Sarah Smithey

Hello! I am Sarah and I have been teaching kindergarten for the last 4 years at Alvarado Elementary North! I am so excited to get back into the classroom this fall to work with a new class of sweet kinders again this year! My goal this year is to have less technology in the classroom and the way that I plan on doing this is by doing more reading with books rather than online. The kids love to listen to books being read to them and I cannot wait to form this new family with many more read alouds! Amazon Wish List

Britt Alexander Fox

My name is Britt Fox, and I am currently a Kindergarten teacher at St. Amant Primary School in Ascension Parish. I have four years of experience teaching–two years in third grade and two years in Kindergarten–all at St. Amant Primary School. My job is my passion, and my kiddos mean so much to me. We’d be so appreciative of anything gifted. Amazon Wish List

Monica Sandovoll 

My name is Monica Sandoval and I am a 5th grade RLA teacher at Caddo Mills Intermediate School in Caddo Mills, Texas! This upcoming year will be my 9th year in education and 2nd year as a 5th grade teacher. I absolutely love what I do and I love having incentives in my classroom that my kids are excited and willing to work for. I spend a lot of my own money on my classroom, but most of the time it gets pretty expensive. Any donations would be more than appreciated & I know my students would enjoy them! Thank you in advance for any help! Amazon Wish List 

Ashley Stevenson

Hello! I’m Ashley! I’ve worked in education for many years, but I am entering my fourth year in public education. I taught 1st grade for the past three years and will be starting my journey as a 3rd grade teacher at Creech Elementary in August. I love making learning fun and creating a safe space for my students! Amazon Wish List

Abby Jimenez

My name is Abby Jimenez. I am a fourth grade math and science bilingual teacher at Townsell Elementary. This will be my fourth year as a teacher. I am very passionate about the role that I get to have in the lives of my students. I love to inspire young minds and encourage my students to always strive for their greatest potential. Amazon Wish List

Lisa Walton

My name is Lisa and I teach Kindergarten at Alvarado Elementary North in Alvarado, Texas. We are a Title I district, so my kiddos face challenges kids in wealthier districts might not face. I am working to build up my library and provide fine motor STEAM activities for my littles. I strive to make my classroom a cozy, welcoming environment to ensure my kids feel safe and happy so they’re ready to learn. This will be my ninth year in education! Go Indians!💜💛 Amazon Wish List 


My name is Briana and I’ve been a Special Education teacher in Fort Worth at a Title 1 school, Seminary Hills Park Elementary, for 4 years. I have the best job in the world with the best students! I’m also a Special Olympics coach. Any help is greatly appreciated! 💜 Amazon Wish List

Felecia Buice

My name is Felecia Buice. I am a third grade teacher. I am going into my 10th year of teaching at Lois Allen Elementary in Reno, Nevada. I am lucky enough to have been at the same school my whole career, which I love because it means I get to see all my old students grow up! Our class would love to have the items on my wishlist to make next school year even better. Amazon Wish List

Kelsey Junkert

I will be starting my 5th year teaching at Northwest High School in the credit recovery lab. My students are anywhere from a semester or more behind their classmates. The majority of my students are at risk of dropping out. These students are so special and have hard time seeing their own potential. My goal is to help my students see the value in graduating high school. Anything purchased from this list will help my students this year! Amazon Wish List

 Paige McKenzie 

Hi! My name is Paige. I am a 3rd year teacher in the Dallas area. I will be teaching 4th grade during the 2023-24 school year. Education is truly my passion and I feel so lucky to be able to work hand in hand with our youth every single day ❤️ Amazon Wish List 


Hi!! I am a loyal customer, and I my dewing it moisture just came today!! I could weep of joy, I am so excited to use it on my sensitive skin because it’s done wonders for me in the past. My mom isn’t on social media anymore, but she is now a 2nd year high school English teacher! I am sending you her list here. I know she would be over the moon happy to have some bought, because we haven’t got people to check it out yet Amazon Wish List

Abbie Ohanna Stroud


I graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelors in Educational Psychology. This year will be my fourth year of teaching special education in an elementary school located in Lewisville ISD. This summer has been amazing but I’m ready to get back to my kiddos. 💗 Amazon Wish List

Dominique Danielle

This will be my 12th year of teaching. I teach elementary and currently am a second grade teacher! I love what I do and seeing my students grow academically and socially. I teach in a low income district in San Antonio, Texas! I appreciate any help and support for my students. Amazon Wish List 

Reba Abello 

My name is Mrs. Abello! I am starting year 5 in education. I will be teaching 3rd grade Reading, at Kemp Intermediate School! My biggest goal this year is to make reading fun for my students! Amazon Wish List 

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