Sharing a few of my travel tips & essentials as I head to Hawaii for the week!

I never go on a trip without some form of travel-friendly fitness gear! This helps me stay on track when I don’t have access to a gym. I always take my Fitish jump rope or bands since they don’t take up much space in my bag- You can check out our on-the-go workouts here >

Sunscreen is so important for good skin! I wear facial sunscreen every day and always bring a trustable brand with me especially on trips where I’ll get a lot of sun. I use a facial sunscreen (SPF 41) that’s chemical-free (transparent zinc oxide) with UVA and UVB protection. I try to stick with body ones that are oxybenzone and octinoxate free and I always go with lotion over spray.

I bring a mini size self tanning mousse with me for a healthy tan. Find the one I use here >

Tone Down Travel Size + Lip therapy- I bring my Tone Down spray and Lip Therapy with me on the plane so my skin doesn’t get dried out while traveling. I always go for water at the airport and on the plane to stay hydrated.

Don’t Sweat It Travel Size-  Hawaii is super humid and makeup plus humid weather is always a struggle! I’m bringing my travel size Don’t Sweat It so my make up stays in place for a night out!

Fitish CBD Hair Plumping Serum (coming soon) - I’ve been testing our new hair product for a few months and LOVE it. It’s super volumizing. My hair is naturally straight and can get flat so I spray this on my roots and then blow dry my hair upside down for a volumized beachy look.



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