How To: Layer Skincare

How To: Layer Skincare

Look, it's no secret that you have invested in your skincare. Shelfies aside, those little bottles of gold can make a killer skincare routine, as long as you're correctly layering. Getting the order of your products just right can make all the difference when it comes to getting every last benefit out of your products. But where did this start?

Layering Theory

As crucial as simply using each product may be, the key here is to apply each one in its proper order. The idea is this: for products to absorb most effectively, the most active ingredients go on earlier in the regimen; then, you seal it all in with denser products.

In the daytime, you're routine should go as follows: like so: cleanser, eye and or face serum, sheet mask, moisturizer, and SPF. If you're applying your favorite face oil, it should always go on last. Oil is occlusive, meaning it creates a barrier, which would bar anything else from absorbing effectively. 

Be careful not to mix products that aren't made to be friends with each other (especially on your sensitive skin)! Vitamin C is highly acidic, so while it has its benefits, it should not be mixed with heavy-hitting active ingredients like AHAs, BHAs, Benzoyl Peroxide and Retinol. 

It's not just about what skincare you're using but how you're applying it. If you keep in mind some basic rules of thumb, those skincare products will serve you tenfold. 

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