Your skin is probably trying to tell you something. Trusting your intuition and paying attention to the “little voice" in your head is advice you’ve likely heard ad nauseam. But have you applied this sentiment to your skincare routine? It could be a game changer. While the way it speaks to you might be a little different, it will save you time and stress. We’ll break down ways that your skin may be trying to communicate. 

Face Feels Stretched & Tight 

Tight Skin

You may be over cleansing. While we respect the commitment to cleanliness, you may not actually have to wash your face both morning and night. Cleaning your face at night is important for washing out the toxins from pollutants, makeup, and dirt. While too much of your natural oils may cause acne, washing too frequently can strip your skin of the oils that naturally hydrate your skin. Overnight, dirt won’t be entering your pores, just remember to wash your pillowcase frequently.

Breakouts in the Same Places

Hand on Face

This is common, but the reason can vary from one face to another. Pay attention to your daily habits and where your hands are going. Acne along the side of your face can be the result of a dirty phone screen. From those phone screens, to your keyboard at work, to greasy foods you may be transferring that dirt to your face if you touch it too much during the day. 

Noticeable Changes with Diet:


We hate to break this news, but your favorite junk food might be contributing. Some people can handle their milkshakes and burgers pretty well, but for some it can lead to some pretty gnarly breakouts. Foods high in sugar and fat can affect both the collagen and natural oils of your skin, leading to either a pretty sallow or broken out look. You can check to see if this is the case for you by eliminating those foods out of your diet to see if it helps. 

Red or Irritated Skin:

Anastasiia Ostapovych

Your skincare may be to harsh for your skin type. Skincare is the furthest thing from one-size fits all. While a tingling sensation might be expected with some products, your skin shouldn't stay flushed for an extended amount of time. It also shouldn't hurt to touch, if this is the case, you may be using products that are too strong for your delicate skin. Try switching to a gentler, more natural routine

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