Honestly, we were very worried that our first wellness retreat was going to feel more like fat camp where we sat hungry in a hotel room late at night and caved to order room service. Much to our delight, this experience was the total opposite and we actually went to sleep full every night! For this retreat, we headed to Westlake, California to The Four Seasons for their Signature Retreat. The stunning hotel is adjacent to The California Institute of Health and Longevity and they offer a top notch program that encompasses every facet of health and wellness that we are interested in!

Unfortunately, because of our schedules and full time jobs, these Fitish "boss pigs" couldn't stay the entire time, so we rolled in on Friday and had to miss a few thing on either end, but I would say this retreat is 100 percent worth the money. It's definitely geared towards someone who wants to make a real life change and learn about why you aren't healthier and how to start taking steps to change that. 

We kicked things off with an outdoor workout, which after a long day at work and a long flight, was just what we needed.

Most meals took place in this stunning test kitchen and many were interactive as we actually learned how to cook healthy things!

Jenna being all confident as she learns how to cook finally!

This indoor pool was just so fabulous. The amenities here were so impressive and we loved spending our downtime reading by the pools. Yes there are multiple.

Still trying to learn how to take the perfect towel photo.

Daily morning mediations took place at this incredible structure. We loved getting to wake up, walk for some fresh air and lay down again to mediate on our day. As healthy as we are most of the time, the mental side of things really needs some work. Mediating can be challenging and we loved every bit of this.

Each day had a different workout and the gym facilities at the hotel are top notch.

We really only have experience with yoga that is difficult and hot. Who knew there is something called restorative yoga where you can lay down for most of it and just slowly stretch to feel better. This was a moment we looked forward to each afternoon.

Counting this as our second workout of the day:)

We love soup but have never tried to make our own. We came home with so many fresh recipes on how to make healthy items that actually taste incredible.

During the Signature Retreat, you get to take advantage of their various body testing. The Bod Pods measure your body fat and then there's a test to see how many calories you're burning while sitting still. These tests can really help the team analyze what you are doing wrong and how to make better decision with meals and activity level.

Day 3's workout was a 5 mile hike. I love workouts that fit all levels of fitness. There's not much better than getting out for a nice hike in Malibu on a typically beautiful Cali day.

The Signature Retreat also offers a lot of specialized classes with the in-house nutritionist and trainer to really extend your knowledge.

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