If Bora Bora is on your bucket list, keep it there. It is without a doubt, the most visually beautiful place we have ever been. So much so that at times it doesn't even seem real. As we walked around this stunning property, we were certain that a dinosaur was going to pop out at any moment. It truly felt like something out of Jurassic Park or Avatar. You hear even the pictures don't do it justice. We think the pictures are pretty damn good. The first question people have asked us about this trip of a lifetime is of course about the flight. Truthfully, it wasn't bad at all. We were prepared for a much longer journey. From Dallas, we flew to LA and then an 8 hour overnight flight to Tahiti. From there it was just a quick flight to Bora Bora. All in all, only about 12 hours in the air for us.

Then it was time for our boat ride! The Four Seasons came to pick up the guests that were coming for them and oh my gosh it was like the honeymoon we may never have! The coolest boat in town:)

Being completely honest with you. One of us cried. Can you guess who?

Shocked right? The mark of a great vacation is being moved to tears. Mckenzie does not agree, but it is just something that happens on special trips for me. 

The best part about this destination was how little itinerary planning we had to do. We told the incredible staff at The Four Seasons a few things we had in mind, but their app allowed us to alter and change things so easily. It also enabled you to talk to the concierge in real time so adding, cancelling dinner reservations and activities was a breeze. We arrived at 7 am, so we did have some time before check in and they had a room for us to rearrange luggage and change clothes. Then we headed to the best spa we've ever seen for what was the best massage we've ever had. 

The spa tub above is outside of the women's locker room, but it actually becomes coed after 6pm so you can be romantic if you want. We about died when we finally checked into our room that first day. Room doesn't come close to describing it. This was our view. We stayed in a 2 bedroom beach villa though the overwater huts are also a dream, especially for just 2 people.

You know we don't tend to post tons of food photos, but this was some of the most delicious food we've ever had. You know if you've been anywhere more exotic or remote that sometimes the food can be a little less than appetizing. The breakfast buffet at the resort was included daily and so yummy. Of course, dessert is more our thing and we are still trying to figure out how to make some of their traditional Polynesian ones. The banana pudding was hands down the BEST dessert we've ever had in our lives. 

And we treated ourselves to fresh coconut water straight from the coconuts everyday from the buffet. Can't recalled why Mckenzie is in the landscaping, but probably because it was all so lush and green we wanted to photograph everything.

There are so many phenomenal facets of this Four Seasons property and it's all there on a private island just for guests. Everything felt so safe, so private and so abundant. From the lagoon that we snorkeled in everyday with tons of fish, to the resort beach and our own private villa beach with paddle boards, there was so much to do! Jet ski rentals, private boat tours with shark diving and sting rays, and deep sea fishing. Those were just some of the things we did. We didn't quite have the balling budget for the underwater scooters, but they have those! You can also get dinner on a private beach, but you have to save something for the next trip right?!

Of course we got our Fitish on when we were there in their oceanside gym with top of the line equipment!

And then there was some time to be less than Fitish! But that's what a vacation is all about right?!

You can't miss the Polynesian fire show! They danced, we danced (shocking right:) It was a highlight for sure.

We even had a day where we didn't leave the villa! Double room service please.

We couldn't stop saying how we knew this was the most spectacular vacation of our lives. It was a perfect Fitish trip as well, because there were actual activities that didn't consist solely of just getting drunk at a beach bar which we tend to tire of, though you can absolutely do that all day too. This was the most gorgeous place to relax after a day on the water, balancing it all out. We did have concerns before we went that it would potentially be only honeymooners there. Though it IS an ideal honeymoon spot, there were actually a whole variety of people there, even some families. We both agree we would 100 percent go back to Bora Bora and would not think twice about staying anywhere other than The Four Seasons. Book your trip of a lifetime now HERE!

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