Morning: I wake up super early, (4:30am to be exact) so I have my morning skincare down to a science. I keep it simple. I spray Tone Down liberally and allow to dry. The Tone Down is such a great way to wake yourself up! The cooling sensation is the absolute best part!! I then apply my Dewing It moisturizer. Sometimes I mix my Tan Luxe Tan Drops into my moisturizer, which gives me a little color without the sun! If I'm wearing makeup, I obviously follow with my Don't Sweat It setting spray! The setting spray keeps my makeup locked in place all day and night if I need. Finally, I never forget my CBD Lip Therapy. It keeps my lips hydrated and soothed for hours! Side note: I keep Tone Down and Lip Therapy with me ALL DAY. 

Night: I usually wipe my face down with a face wipe to get any residue or makeup from the day off my face. Plus, it feels super refreshing! I use Olay Age Regenerist wipes. I wash my face with my CBD cleanser (coming soon), pat dry, then follow with my Tone Down Spray, and finish with our Dewing It moisturizer. At night, I like my face to be a little dewier to make sure my face reaps all the benefits of the CBD and hydration, so I do a good amount of moisturizer! Then to finish, I put on my CBD Lip therapy because it makes my lips feel so good in the morning!! It’s actually ALWAYS with me (along with Tone Down).

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