Why is Botox Becoming More Commonplace?

Why is Botox Becoming More Commonplace?

Post-quarantine life has brought us all to high standards of minimalism, including the beauty industry. Masks + zoom meetings = less makeup and more focus on skin health in general. 

Facials, laser treatments, and chemical peels have all become commonplace for semi-permanent beauty results. But what about Botox? Something that once seemed like a drastic clinical procedure Is undeviatingly becoming more a part of our general skincare maintenance in this post-pandemic world.

A survey conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons on Americans’ views towards cosmetic surgery in the wake of COVID-19 gathered that 49 percent of respondents who haven’t had any plastic surgery say they are open to having cosmetic or reconstructive procedures in the future. In fact, the most-requested treatments during telemedicine appointments were cosmetic injectables.

Botox is comfortable taking its place as the new go-to. It seems that it is now perceived by the masses as an extension of their skincare routines. 

Botox was introduced to the cosmetic market in 2002, and many studies have shown its clear, proven results. Of course, now in 2021, our regular Zoom calls mean that we are looking at ourselves almost constantly. Most of our socialization now is through social media, where face tuning is king. Many users are looking for ways to perfect their appearance off the web. Meaning it is decreasingly being seen as extreme or for those in the aging demographic.

Of course, given that these procedures aren’t cheap, take your time with the decision. Ready to take the plunge? Learn everything you need to know here! The Fitish Team get's ours done at McGuiness Dermatology

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