Your Sunny Day Skin Care

Your Sunny Day Skin Care

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Whether you’re planning a weeklong beach getaway or you’re just not planning on leaving your backyard, one thing is for sure: Maintaining your skin while you’re relaxing in the sun is definitely a must. To help you make the most of your waterside beauty routine, here are some tips and tricks to protect your skin from the sun and sand. TIP #1: Apply that Sunscreen

OK, we know, duh. But hear us out. Using a sunscreen before heading to the out should be your top skincare priority. UV rays increase your risk of skin cancer and early skin aging. So, to decrease this risk, you should regularly use a sunscreen formulated with a broad-spectrum SPF value of 15 or higher. 

TIP #2: Pay Attention to Your Lips
Heat can do some damage on your lips, be sure to keep a moisturizing lip balm handy. It's important that it has therapeutic extracts to moisturize and care for the fragile skin of your lips.

TIP #3: Hide in the Shade

Ah, we know that basking in the sun feels good — especially after being cooped up in your house for months. It’s important to have other forms of sun protection like seeking shade during the sun’s peak hours. So, hide under an umbrella or take some breaks indoors if you can.

TIP #4: Break Out Your Sunnies
Other ways you can help protect yourself from UV rays are by wearing UV-blocking sunglasses and a hat. So, consider this your excuse to buy some new accessories.

TIP #5: Be Prepared for a Burn

If you start seeing signs of sunburn, don’t panic.

Step 1: Use a gentle cleanser and moisturize. Take a cold shower and cleanse with a gentle cleanser. Once you’re out of the shower, gently pat your skin dry (don’t rub!) and apply your moisturizer to damp skin.

Step 2: Get some relief. Aloe offers healing properties to the skin. CBD can help the redness as well with its anti-inflammatory properties. Combining the two? Bye-bye sunburn.

Step 3: Put on loose clothes. Wear some loose, soft, breathable clothing that won’t rub on your skin. Yes, this is your excuse to wear an oversized tee and shorts.

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Amy Ilardi
Amy Ilardi

What’s going on with the lip balm? I know I’m not the only customer asking

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